Sunday , April 20 2014
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Khloe Kardashian Odom’s Khristmas Kard

She told Ellen the secret of how her family Christmas photo is made every year, and who had to be photoshopped in!
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  1. Maddie Errington

    Shes my fav ahah shes so funny.

  2. my favourite kardashian! she’s so down to earth and real

  3. LOL. i think shes nervous

  4. chocoholicSISTA263

    khloe is so pretty her features are so screams plastic surgery yet shes the most overrated kardashian

  5. alexalovessmosh8

    Kim commented

  6. 0:40 HEY KHOLE WHAT ABOUT ME !!!!!!

  7. Santhiyah Marymuthu

    Ellen should bring Kendall and Kylie to the show.

  8. Never knew Khloe was on Ellen…

  9. sparkletwins9112345

    No khloe

  10. sparkletwins9112345

    I love Kylie

  11. Sorry for the late comment. And I know. I always watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and Khloe’s even modeled naked to help save more animals from being killed for their fur.

  12. patiense McKenzie

    @lolrobin if they did then why does that effect you ???

  13. She is so sweet :)

  14. *Khloe

  15. I love Chole… Haters Stop Hating!

  16. So she got famous because they just “out of the blue” gave her/them a reality-show? I have no words for how ignorant, nay – stupid, that sounds. They plotted together to get the sextape out, it didn’t leak and there wasn’t just a single person who was responsible for it. Kim was just known for tailing around Paris Hilton before the sextape, and also for being the daughter of famous lawyer Robert. If he saw his daughter and family whoring themselves around now, he’d turn in his grave.

  17. araksia dervishian

    ohhhhhh rellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if it’s ian. or yan. at the end of the last name YOU ARE ARMENIAN…….like me

  18. i thought that was common knowledge by now…they used to bring it up a lot…and the name “Kardashian” isn’t very common in the States.

  19. iv seen every other Ellen clip… so this was all that was left :( snoozefest

  20. Lool

  21. Did you know that Kardsashian sisters are armenian?

  22. i thought they were getting divorced

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